Suzuki GSF 650 S Bandit - black edition

Oh, the lovely Suzuki GSF 650 S Bandit. I was my first bike after I got my license. I passed the test, went directly to the dealership and bought it. For years I had my eyes on a bandit. Crazy as I was I bought it brand new, but it turned out I loved it, so no big deal really.

There is always the question of, is it a good beginner bike. I can't answer for everyone, but here is my input. I loved it. Everything worked perfectly and smoothly every time, as long you comply with the services. I had power, but not like a crazy amount that would spin i out of control. Nice for a newbie. At any given point, you can pull full throttle, and it would still keep the front wheel down.

It had ABS, and I will always buy bikes with ABS I guess. It is a nice safety backup to have for the everyday rider, and in the first years, it did safe me a couple of times.

Suzuki's are cheap, and on that note they come with some crappy tires. Change them as fast as possible, and preferably before you get the keys to the bike! The tires are the single most important component on the bike itself. You yourself the most overall ;-)
(PS. I live in Denmark, with winter, summer, cold, warm, snow, rain and summer). The stock tires can't handle all those conditions. They might work better in warmer climates.

To sum up, I was really happy with the bandit as my first bike. I shouldn't have had a bigger one. I think I would have killed myself. As sayed, it has power, but only to a certain level. Cheap in service and maintenance.

For specifications on the bike go to bikez.com

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