Suzuki GSF 650 S Bandit - black edition

Suzuki GFS 650 S Bandit

Well, actually it was the exact same model (year an everything) as the black GSF 650 Bandit I had. So there really ain't that much else to say. It drove wonderfully, maybe even a little better that my black one did considering the mileage.

You are proberly wondering, why I would buy the exact same bike in a different color! Because I loved the color maybe? Not really, as I actually didn't fancy the blue that much. More the rule than the exception in the motorcycle community, a rider has to go down at some point. Well I did.

In short, I went down because of gravel on a highway off ramp taking a 90 degree corner. Nothing happend to me, but the bike totalled as it hit the safety rail. My bike was my only mean of transportation, and there I stood without a bike. In the hurry to get a another bike, I knew the bandit, how it drove, what it costed in maintenance and insurance. I therefore just went for it. It really never became the same as the first bike. I think I was more cautious by now, and I never really had the same fun on it, as I did on the black one.

For some reason I don't have any images of the bike. I think i may have lost them in a harddrive crash some years back. But i guess I had it for a couple of years, before I was stupid enough to sell it in advantage of a car instead.

To read more about specs, my experience etc. read the entry on the black bike here. Everything applies to this bike too.

Suzuki GFS 650 S Bandit

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