Why do people ride motorcycles

The question is often heard around in the motorcycle community, and it might be a good question. It is not for everyone, and most people will stick to their car when they need transportation. It is something about the indescribable feeling of freedom when you ride.


Every biker out there will properly start with the freedom argument. It is difficult to explain, because it really doesn't give any more freedom than a car. You have to try and ride a motorcycle to understand it completely.
For one I think it has something to do with the open air. You a not locked in a metal box with the air conditioner setting the climate. You are closer to nature, feeling the cold, the warm, the wind, the rain, the sun and even the smells around you when you ride. It makes you more aware of the surroundings and more capable of enjoying them.
Another thing is the whole mindset of a biker. I think most bikers have a special part in their personality, that just make them enjoying riding more than other people. When speaking of bikers there a certain rules and guidelines to how they behave. That is in a friendly behaviour I mean! A biker will always help another biker in distress. He will always wave hello etc. I will make a complete article about it later.

It's just fun

I dare you to find a biker, that doesn't think it is fun to ride. Every biker has a smile on their face, when they start up their bike. The same can certainly not be said about motorists.
But why is it fun then? Speed has always been fun for the humanity and on a motorcycle you feel closer to the experience. You feel the acceleration, the turns, when you brake. You a one with the bike, and feel its every move an every bump in the road. All this is not because it's impossible to eliminate, but because manufacturers work hard to bring those feelings to you! Unlike a car manufacturer that will do everything to eliminate any noise and feeling, and practically make the car ride itself.

Go where ever we want

I've heard this argument over many occasions and I'm still not quite sure I understand it. The most trips and adventures I've read, really doesn't take place anywhere where a car couldn't go. And like if it was a car, you pick the right vehicle for the occasion. I think it should be traced back to the freedom and the mindset of a biker. It's just more likely a biker is more adventurous than a motorist, and therefore feels nothing can stop him. When you see a car where it "doesn't" belong, you start to be suspicious, but when you see a motorcycle, he is just out on adventures.

A motorcycle can be the most practical choice, and that might be another reason for the go where ever we want idea. A motorcycle doesn't take up much space in it's surroundings. It can have its benefits bumper to bumper traffic where a motorcycle has the opportunity to lane split. Parking is another benefit. In most countries you may park you motorcycle pretty much anywhere you want, as it doesn't take up much space. But don't get me started on the danish rules, they suck!

It's cheap

The headline may or may not be true. It depends on a lot of things like the type of motorcycle, it's maintenance costs and the insurance which again is mostly a personal factor. But i motorcycle can certainly be cheaper than a car. It's smaller in size, more accessible, has fewer components (tires). If you buy a brand new medium sized motorcycle, it will properly only cost half the price of a medium sized car in maintenance the first years.
If you buy the motorcycle with reason, you wouldn't find a car to match it, it will be cheaper to keep running.

Now what are you waiting for, go ride that motorcycle :-)

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I'm a male in my first 30's. I have ridding a motorcycle since I was 23 years old, and I'll never look back. My motorcycle is my day to day transportation, and have kind of grown to a passion for the indescribable freedom.

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