Prepare your bike for a new season

There are many guidelines, "rules", lists and stuff, of what you should do before you start the season again. Here is what I do. Not much really. Charge, lube and go.

First of all. The season is just defined by you insurance, and yes it is possible buy an insurance for the whole year. Most insurance companies here are per default only 7-9 months.

At the moment I have full insurance for 9 month, and since I ride whenever I can, my bike is only parked for 3 month at a time. I don't think 3 months is all that long. I have previously just parked the bike, turn on again 3 month later, and just kept riding.

I do make sure the basic things work and are maintained. So what do I usually do?

When I'm parking the bike for the winter, I make sure it is properly cleaned, lubricated, battery charged and I give a round of silicon spray, some uses WD40 instead. The point is just to keep the moist away from gaps, bolts, frame etc. so that it don't corrode.

If possible and parked at home, at start it a couple of times doing the winter. It gives you the fix of the sound of the engine, it keeps the machinery running and oiled up, and charge the battery a little. If you can, you should take for a ride, and not just standing in idle.

As one should before every ride, I check all the electronics, lights, indicators, horn, safety switch. Just check ever button and brake lights.

When the time arrives for the first true ride of the season, I once again lubricate all moving parts and the chain, as the lubrication might have clotted doing the winter.

Then I ride to nearest gas station and check the tire pressure. Very important for you own safety. You really wouldn't want to ride in cold weather on poor tires.

If you don't ride much, you might want to change the oil too, but as I ride quite a bit, I always have a service right before winter, or right after the season begins.

To be fair I do ride newer bikes, that overall doesn't require that much maintenance in the first place, as I'm not much of a mechanic.

My 5 cents. It is not much, and my bikes have always lasted and rode well. I don't see the need to overdo it as do many others. No need to do a full service every winter. As one once told me, your car doesn't need and get that much service, why should the motorcycle. It the same principles of both vehicles. Only once I had to recharge an older battery to get going.

Have a great season and ride safely.

About me

Hi there,

I'm a male in my first 30's. I have ridding a motorcycle since I was 23 years old, and I'll never look back. My motorcycle is my day to day transportation, and have kind of grown to a passion for the indescribable freedom.

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