My bikes

The stories about the motorcycles that I have owned and my current Hornet

I have had my license for about 7,5yrs and I currently own my 4th motorcycle. I thought a little background story behind the bikes, and myself, would be a great way to start the website. You can find the story for each bike in the top of the site. I think the best would be to read them chronologically as it became a little story in between. Every bike have had its positives and negatives, but I have loved all of them.

And easy calculation is to say the 4th bike in 7,5 years, then it's time to think about the 5th. Any ideas? At the moment I am looking more into a small bike or even a scooter, that I can use doing the winter months, where I'm not allowed to ride the Hornet. Nor will I ride the Hornet. It is too well maintained and pretty and awesome. 

My first bike: Suzuki GSF 650 S Bandit, the black one (read first)

My second bike: Suzuki GSF 650 S Bandit, the blue one (read second)

My third bike: Honda CBR 250 RA

My fourth bike (Current): Honda CB 600 F Hornet

About me

Hi there,

I'm a male in my first 30's. I have ridding a motorcycle since I was 23 years old, and I'll never look back. My motorcycle is my day to day transportation, and have kind of grown to a passion for the indescribable freedom.

I work with websites and social medias, so I feel like I almost must have my own website too, where I can share my experiences, news and more.

I will promote you for a test ride or some products for reviews.