Motorcycle gear on sale

You can still make it, great sale at louis.eu on various motorcycle clothing and accessory items.

You can still make it. Louis.eu are having a great sale on motorcycle gear, though it is primary their remaining stocks. I still managed to get a leather suit well under half the price.

I know January can be a low budget month, but in the end there are a lot of money to be saved. There are all kinds of motorcycle gear, motorcycle accessories, clothing, helmets etc. Of cause the more expensive the item, the more money are to be saved. So if you need som new motorcycle clothing or a helmet, it's now you should strike.

It might be a little random what's on offer, but here are some examples on the thing I would find interesting.

Vanucci motorcycle gear, gloves, clothing etc.

Shoei helmets

Schuberth helmets 

In general a lot of helmets are on sale.

I don't get anything from Louis or have anything to do with them. I just like their service, online as well as in the physical stores.

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