Is it bad to ride in salt?

No would be my answer. But there are many different opinion on the subject. You have to be aware and act accordingly. Wash and maintain your bike regularly.

It's spring and the sun is shining. Your insurance has kicked in again, but the roads are still covered in salt from the frozen winter. You are eager to go for your first ride of the motorcycle season, but your are not really sure, if you want to expose your motorcycle to salt. What do you do?

Go ride! That's the simple answer. Your motorcycle is a durable machine, and a little bit of salt ain't going to do any harm. Just make sure your clean your motorcycle afterwards, if you want to maintain it's glory. I would recommend to leave your bike unwashed for weeks though.

Before you go out for your first ride, make sure everything is lubricated and sealed up. It makes it less likely for the salt to hide in small gaps and cracks. Remember when you at the same time wash your motorcycle regularly, the oil, WD-40, silicon etc. don't last as long, so repeat the process if your regularly ride in salty conditions.

I've have heard many say that they have lost several motorcycles to the salt, and therefore would not recommend riding in the white substance that is salt.
In my opinion they are doing something wrong. I've have been riding for about 10 years, and every single one of my motorcycles have been riding in salt at some point, and only very weak indications have showed it, like the brake cylinders and screws can get discolored. Cheap bikes doesn't have that much protection, and doesn't use stainless steal screws.
To be fair it was my small Honda CBR250R. It was cheap, it was my mean of transportation, and I didn't really got that much in to maintaining and washing properly. Honda is a great brand, but this particular bike was made cheap for the masses!

Besides the effect that salt has on your bike, remember salt is usually associated with could condition. Just because there is salt on the road does not mean it is completely defrosted. The road and your tires are still cold, the salt can make a slippery surface on top of the asphalt. Ride carefully and check your tire pressure every week or 2. It has properly lost air doing the winter, but the pressure can also vary up to about 1 bar because of the surrounding air temperature wich can vary a lot in the spring time, as it continuously gets warmer again. 

See you on the roads, and ride safely. 

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