Harz, Germany, 2013

In 2013 I went to the Harz area in Germany for a small holiday. It was my first real holiday on a motorcycle and this it how it went, from the get go to arrival at home. beautiful trip totally worth it.

First some background story
This is the story of my first trip on a motorcycle. I love to travel to, but it still took me about 7 years before I went on my first real motorcycle trip.
I like to plan and have all safety nets in place, before I go anywhere. Any travel in or on a vehicle can be a bit unpredictible. What if the engine break down? You have a puncture. All these kind of stupid question.
In 2013 I went for it. It was only about 1000km away, and my safetynet was my mom, who was at the same location in car. I’m weak I know, but I am always working on it.

Honda CBR 250 RA packed and ready to go

Let's go to Harz
So none the less, I had some kind of safety net and backup plans, so I packed my little Honda CBR 250 RA at the time. Fully loaded with panies, tail bag, tank bag and a backpack the little Honda had its work cut out. As you might know a 250cc engine has it’s limits, and I think I lost about 10km/t in topspeed. But this didn’t matter as I wasen’t going long, and the Germans are friendly autobahn people, where most go about 120 km/t. Just perfect for my little fully loaded motorbike. I still manage to have the great fuel economy. I did plus 25km/l on the way down.

The trip down the autobahn
Oh boy, my first real trip on a motorcycle. I didn’t care about the speed, the traffic or anything. I felt free and I was going on holiday. Hell it was the holiday. The weather was perfect, frankly a little too warm in the traffic jams.
Though I was going to stay on the autobahn the entire way, I took it slow, nice and easy, with plenty of breaks. I didn’t want to overload my self, my hands, arms, legs or worse my bag. Everything turned out fine. The worst appeared to be “sporty” seat on the CBR. The longest I had ridden in a single day stint this far was 300km. No problems. But after 600km I could feel it in my behind. With the breaks it wasn’t too bad, the home trip was worse.

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I drive on the autobahn, it’s just so relaxing compared to the danish motorways. People are much more friendly, they respect each other, and bikers are recognized and respected when lane splitting in traffic jams. I was just plowing forward, the music in my ears and enjoyed the whole thing.

The arrival at the hotel
I was staying at a small hotel in a small town just outside Gosler. I was arriving late in the afternoon, just perfect timing as the dinner the first night was included in the price.
I don’t remember the name of the hotel anymore, but just like pretty much everother hotels in the area, it had the classic old german architecture and design, and it had a restaurant and bar just as expected.
It was okay for an 3 star hotel. I think the hotel and a pizza place was about the only attractions in the small country town, so to do anything you would have to drive. But what did it matter, that was the whole reason for going to Harzen. To drive and see the area.

Harz, Germany
Although Harz is not exactly the alpines, and its highest point is Brochen with 1,141 meters, it still have some amazing landscaping. It was enough to find a lot of twisty roads and have some fun. The whole Harzen area one big attraction for motorcyclist because of the roads. The road are perfectly maintained, well signed, have hills, twisties and space. Perfect condition for bikers. A true biker would probably go all the way to the alpes, but for many Harzen is enough or a first start.
If you are ever going to Harzen on a motorcycle, you NEED to go to Frankenhäuer Strasse near Kelbra. It has 36 corners over a stretch of 4.5km. There will loads of other bikes, just driving up and down the stretch.

See and download the road to your GPS at tourstart.org http://tourstart.org/tour/36_sving_i_Harzen_du_skal_pr%C3%B8ve_4498

7km with corners

In generel
I stayed at the same hotel for 3 days, before heading home again. I was just about perfect to see the whole area. Of Course you could always spent more time experience the area in details. There are a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, mountain biking etc. But I was there to ride my motorcycle, and I got all the way round in the 3 days. I saw a few waterfalls, the damms the lakes, the mountains or hills if you will. I had no days just relaxing though. Many people, and bikers too, take an extended weekend in Harz.



Going home
The holiday ended and it was time to go home. I had driving a lot the past 3-4 days, and thought to myself I would take the trip home alone and as fast as possible, meaning only short breaks for refuelling. It would be an exercise for later trips further away. The idea was great but I was worried about the weather. The forecast said it was supposed to be raining. I don’t now what happened though, because I didn’t get a single drop of water.
I packed the the little Honda, plugged in the GPS and went for it. After 3 days i knew where the autobahn were, but for some reason my GPS went another way. After about 50km, and it still hadden sent my on the autobahn I stopped to figure out what was wrong. It was set to avoid large roads! It cost me about an 1 hour more of driving, as I now had quite a bit of road to get back to the autobahn. Well home I came eventually.
950 km later I arrived home with my ass hurting. The tiny sport seat really isn’t made for big time touring. It was fine with long and lots of breaks, but in one stretch it was a bit too much for me.
I was home and I was happy. Now I had my first real travel experience on a motorcycle, and ready to go again.

The germans
I don’t know what it is or was, but I had always had this kind of odd feeling to no feelings about the germans. I didn’t really cared about them or the country. I never wanted to go to Germany for holliday. All that was until this trip. They are good people, nice and friendly to tourists. I will definitely go to Germany again. It close and comfortably for me now. Since 2013 I have only been down shopping a bit, and a little one day trip to Hamburg once. It was nice experience too.

All in all the trip went without a hitch. No problems whatsoever, and I would definitely do it again.

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