Happy new year 2015

2015 will be the year of abikersaddiction.net's launch.

Welcome to the new site called a bikers addiction dot net. This will be the home for me and my motorcycle life, along with other things.

It has taken it's time to get the website ready, as I threw myself at some new platforms and technologies, but I'm so exited to get going. It has been a long time since I have committed myself to something this much.

There is a lot of ideas, hope and such in my head, but exactly what the result will be, I simply do not now. There might be some kind of community involved, and it will help to form the site to what it's going to be.

Some immediate subjects you can expect in the nearest future will be:

  • A history of me and my bikes
  • Why I ride
  • What I expect for myself in 2015

I won't make anymore promises for now, just wish you a very happy new year. 

About me

Hi there,

I'm a male in my first 30's. I have ridding a motorcycle since I was 23 years old, and I'll never look back. My motorcycle is my day to day transportation, and have kind of grown to a passion for the indescribable freedom.

I work with websites and social medias, so I feel like I almost must have my own website too, where I can share my experiences, news and more.

I will promote you for a test ride or some products for reviews.