Danish motorcycle exhibition 2015 was a success

A success beyond every expectation they say, and I would have to agree. It was well crowded as the twice the visitors showed up than planed.

There was about 5.000 visitors to this weekends exhibition. A lot more than hoped. An exhibition was help years back, and it only manage to pull 2.000 visitors. With the recession the hopes was set realistic, and only a smaller hall was selected for the exhibition. I get there decision, and didn't myself expect to see that many visitors. I stood in line for over an hour, just to get inside, and for that very reason many didn't bothered to get in.

The organizers has promised to get at least a 50% larger place for next year. With the growing success, I will be going each year from now one. If not for the news, then for supporting the business which is rough do to our many regulations, taxes etc. More about that in a later article.

Overall the visitors was well pleased as was the companies who displayed. There was everything from all the bigger and even smaller brands, travel agencies, driver schools and more. Next year there will be even more display space.

On some more hands on opinion, what was I then most exited about. Well all the new great bikes for 2015. I got to see the much talked about Kawasaki H2, and it looks special. Okay it was awesome, but I doubt anyone would buy in this country.

I loved to see the brand new BMW R 1000 RR. I would really love to have that one day. It looks great and have got some pretty good reviews. If just it would have been possible to get a test ride.

Ducati panigale 899 and 1299, ohhh yeah, but more for the concept. It a mean racing bike, and it look really tiny thinking of how it performs. But I got see and touch it, which was awesome, and would likely not happened again until next years exhibition.

Yamaha R1 looked great too, and between all the great racing bikes I wouldn't really be able to choose. I would have to take them for a test ride first.

See you next year.

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