BMW cutting down on dealerships

I'm wondering what is going with BMW Motorad at the moment. They are taking the rights from several danish dealerships to sell BMW. From 2016 only one dealer, xpedit, will remain an official BMW dealership.

I don't really understand the idea behind the decision. Are they really believing so much in their brand, that they think they can afford to only have one dealership in Denmark. I know Denmark is a small country, but I know many who won't travel 2-300km, just to look at a bike.

It is a shame. I was starting to like the new BMW's from their adventures GS models to the S1000RR. But now it will be a struggle for me, even to get a test ride on one of the damn things.

KTM ain't exactly the most widely spread manufacture in Denmark either, but in a global scale, they a kicking BMW ass at the moment. No wonder, KTM might be a little bit expensive, but it's too is a quality bike, and they have models in every consumer segment, small, big, adventure, racing, offroad etc. The pressure from KTM are so wast, the rumors are even saying BMW are coming with a new 300cc model for the younger audience.
It's here I don't get it. They are cutting down on dealerships, while at the same time manufacturing new model to attract a new customer segment.

The idea is a global decision to have fewer dealers I think. Maybe these fewer but fairly larger dealers will get better prices on individual models? From my point of view it would make a little sense. We have some of the highest taxes, if not the highest, taxes on vehicles in Denmark. I kid you not, when I say we pay 180% in taxes on cars and motorcycles. 1 danish crown less cost price would mean a 2.80 danish crown in savings.
Even a small reduction in cost price for the dealership, would mean a significant saving for the end user. 

From 2016 xpedit will be the only official BMW Motorad dealership in Denmark.


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