AD Koncept Kawasaki ninja H2R streetfighter

300BHP streetfighter, what will be next?

There will always be someone who can't get enough power, but 300BHP in a streetfighter? It would be impossible to keep down at the asphalt. One would obviously need all the assistance you could get, ABS, traction control etc. just to keep it under control. Maybe some wings like the real H2R to create lots of downforce.

I predict we are about to hit trend limit with all the power going into bikes recently. In a few year I guess there will be a shift in focus, much like we have seen with cars. Smaller and more efficient engines to get better fuel consumption and driving experience.

Do you want to see more from AD Koncept follow them one facebook https://www.facebook.com/DesignADK. They do a lot of really cool stuff. I like there MT-07 concept too.

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