Honda CBR 250 RA

Honda CBR 250 RA 2011

My first Honda and I loved it. You can push the little thing to the edge without needing to exceed the speedlimits by far. In a straight line down the highway it is a bit boring though.

It was my third motorcycle and I had it for 1,5 years I think. You are probably wondering why I downsized. Well, I sold my Suzuki to buy a car instead, and that was a big mistake. It turned out I couldn't be without two wheels. I lasted 5-6 month without  a motorcycle, before I looked around again. My money was tight at the moment, so I was kind of limited. I didn't knew if I should take a new or a used bike. I therefore tried a couple of bikes, bigger used bikes and smaller new ones. You guessed right, I chose the small one, for the exact reason I lead with. It was small, nimble, cheep in every way, easy maintained, and it could be rode as hard as you possible could. It was so much fun, and I really got into riding again. Till this date (jan. 2015) I have some of my best adventures on the little thing.

It would make a great first bike, and certainly better than any old (+10 yrs) motorcycle. Again though, change the tire immediately. I spent the first 2 month on the stock tires, before trashing them. Cheap bikes come with cheap tires. Especially when made in india.

I won't lie, the bike was best under the speed of 120 km/t and on the country roads. It is possible to take for a long trip though, if that is what you desire. The longest I ever drove in a single day was about 800 km. Autobahn is not that fun, when you have a speed limit of about 142 real km/t on a fully loaded motorcycle. But if you have the time, it is great company. I've read stories about old (sorry guys) people, whom went from Denmark to Nordkap to Gibrialtar and back home. Another whent from Denmark (I think) and way over in asia/China somewhere.
What can I say, it has a great milage and is fun to ride. Not the best offroader, but on a cheap bike you don't really care that much ;-) Gravel roads is no problem.

Even though the bike where great in the everyday commute in the cities, I did lack the power, when I went on the longer trips on the highway. When the economy came around, I changed it for the Hornet.

Honda CBR 250 RA 2011
Honda CBR 250 RA 2011 wheelie
Yup, the dang thing could wheelie with the right technique, I'm no expert though.

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