Honda CB 600 F Hornet (2007)

Honda CB 600 F Hornet 2007

This will be my 4th bike, and just like all the other ones I love it. Every bike has its own uniqueness, abilities, positives and negatives.

The Hornet might not be the most practical or economic motorcycle, but here is what I thought in the process. I wanted one! Just kidding, not really. I was fooling around with idea of upgrading the little CBR 250. It was nothing serious, but I thought about what my next bike should be. I was locked on an adventure or street/naked/fighter. I doesn't really know the difference between the three types, but I think the Hornet is a naked bike. None the less, in the previous month before I read an saw a lot of reviews of various street bikes. I knew the Hornet was an honest bike, the most versatile if I was going to use as a commuter and longer trips. And then, it was a Hornet, the name itself just has something to it.
Besides the wish for an upgrade, I did kind of had a goal. By the time I turned 30 I wanted to have owned a +100bhp bike. With the 104 bhp the Hornet was perfect. Actually I had by the time already disregarded the dream of a +100 bhp bike by my 30th birthday. Until I was too have the CBR 250 maintenance service that is. There it was, right inside the door, just bough by the dealership, didn't even had the pricetag on it yet. Well I asked for a test drive, the price, and ended up trading it in, saving the service of the CBR.

Then how is the Hornet then? Well it depends what you want it to be really. It has the engine from the CBR 600, but with a different engine mapping. Ride it at low RPM's and it is gentle and easy going. Ride it in high RPM's and it becomes a "racer", lift's the wheel and all that stuff. But for the most part I ride it nice and easy, and only use the power in overtaking mode on the highway. But that is where I wanted it really. The CBR 250 was already fun at the country roads. The Hornet is still fun, but to be honest not as much, as I have to manage the power in the higher RPM's.

As always I still use it as a commuter bike, and it's no problem. It can be a little heavy compared to the 250, but then again, what wouldn't be?. As go for luggage I've bought a topbox and a SW-Motech BlazeĀ® pannier set. If you have got a naked or sports bike, I will highly recommend the BlazeĀ® solution, and if you want something better there Aero panniers. It literally takes no more than 2 minutes to mount the panniers.

Great great bike, and I hope to still have it for a couple of years.

Honda CB 600 F Hornet 2007
Honda CB 600 F Hornet 2007
Honda CB 600 F Hornet 2007

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